➨ International Symposium: Prediction and Prognosis: Future Knowledge in Medicine 

| September 16-18, 2014; Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung, Schloss Nymphenburg, Munich

The subject of the international symposium is the anticipatory dimension of medicine and its epistemic, ethical and cultural implications. Rapid developments in molecular genetics and the emergence of the so-called “omics” areas of biomedicine are underpinned by fragile knowledge based on probability. The importance of the time factor in medicine is increasing. Information on predispositions to disease has altered our understanding of health, not only for the sick, but also for those who are (still) healthy: health has become a permanently endangered commodity. This also affects the provision of personalized preventative measures. The feelings of existential insecurity which accompany the knowledge of genetically determined health risks demand increased accountability in medical practice and service provision. For mutation carriers, the ‘virtual sick’, or those already sick, being informed impinges upon their personal lives, and questions of length and quality of life. Can the person affected be reasonably expected to deal with uncertain information? How autonomously can decisions of such vital importance be made on the basis of probable information? The objective of the symposium is to stimulate discussion within medicine, as well as between medicine and bioethics, theory of science, health economics, and the arts.


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