Munich Embedded Ethics Lab (MEEL)

Munich Embedded Ethics Lab

The Munich Embedded Ethics Lab (MEEL) promotes the integration of ethics into the entire healthcare technology development process in a deeply integrated, collaborative and interdisciplinary way. Bringing together projects invested in tackling the critical ethical, social and political issues that are emerging with the application of new technologies, the hub foregrounds work that aims to improve care and equity, and reach underserved populations in healthcare.

The embedded ethics approach combines participatory research practices with empirical bioethical analysis. The overarching aim is to assist in the development of healthcare technologies that are ethically and socially responsible; technologies that benefit and do not harm individuals and society. In order to achieve this goal, embedded ethics integrates ethicists into the development process from the beginning, so as to anticipate, identify, and address ethical and social issues that arise during the process of developing healthcare technologies, including planning, ethics approval, designing, programming, piloting, testing and implementation phases of the technology. Positioning ethicists in the development stages of healthcare technology will promote cutting-edge scholarship that helps to anticipate, and not simply respond to, ethical and social frictions in the application of healthcare technologies.

MEEL brings together a group of projects that are focusing on the application of embedded ethics in artificial intelligence and machine learning as a particular focus of the Institute of History and Ethics in Medicine (IHEM). However, we believe that the EE method has the potential to be applied to many other areas of biomedicine and biotechnology.

Head of the Munich Embedded Ethics Lab: PD Dr. Stuart McLennan (


Consulting Service

In addition to the Institute's own projects, which already practise embedded ethics in research, the Institute offers an ethical advisory service to interested developers and engineers. If you are interested, please send your request to